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Season-Long Ski Rental

Quick Details

Adult Basic - Skis, boots & poles Used Value equipment only.
Adult Intermediate - Skis, boots & poles Used equip at least one season up to int level
Adult Performance - Skis only All skis except, Race, Powder & Park
Jr. Basic Value skis, boots and poles
Jr. Performance Used equip at least one season old any level

Rent Ski & Snowboard Gear for the Whole Season in North Conway

Are you in North Conway for the whole season? Book your season-long gear rental and hit the slopes as many times as you want!

The Great American Ski Renting Company in downtown North Conway, NH, has been serving White Mountain skiers for 30 years. We feature current ski and snowboard models, apparel, and premium rental gear. We guarantee you professional, quality service from every member of our staff.

  • We offer the very best equipment, custom boot fitting, and pro advice. 
  • All equipment — sale or package priced — is custom-fitted and guaranteed to please.
  • Equipment can be picked up anytime after 8 a.m. and is due at the end of the business day (5:30 p.m.) after your designated rental period.

Skier/Rider Types:

Type I skiers:

Ski conservatively, prefer slower speeds, prefer easy and moderate slopes, favor lower than average release-retention settings. This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased release capability in a fall. Type I settings apply to entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification.

Type II skiers:

Ski moderately, prefer a variety of speeds, ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails. All skiers who do not meet the descriptions of either Type I or Type III. Engage in moderate skiing at average release-retention settings.

Type III skiers:

Ski aggressively, normally ski at high speeds, prefer steeper and more challenging terrain, favor higher than average release-retention settings. This corresponds to decreased capability to release in a fall in order to decrease the risk of inadvertent binding release. Engage in aggressive skiing at higher release-retention settings.